Zynga Poker Bot - Z Bot Alpha V.23.5

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Zynga Poker Bot - Z Bot Alpha V.23.5

Now We Launch New Update 15 December 2010 Happy Play

* Autoplay Auto Win 99% accurate.
* Works on the Zynga Games Network (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter,
Bebo,Tagged,Yahoo etc).
* 100% automated, joins tables, closes popups, reloads when stuck.
* Full SourceCode available to download.
* Works in any size table with any bankroll.
* Plays the best hands, and then calculates odds to make decisions.
* Allows custom PlayerProfiles.
* Table hop if too few opponents.
* Table hop if the blinds are too big or too small.
* Allows custom user image.
* Detects number of opponents.
* Run multiple BackgroundBots.
* Fixed the raise and all_in
* Changed scoring to 0 - 100. Many other changes.
* Added popup close when it banks.
* Should call hands quicker and more accurate.
* Instant clicks. Banks on a flop fold
* Changed chip pic size to 105 in readchips.au
* Changed pause to escape key
* Added up_to_mid. Added w/l for every preflop hand.
* Fixed the Variable used without being declared.
* Finds a seat quicker. Fixed call_once problem
* Fixed a calling problem.
* Fixed tooltip. Added option to call small blind.
* Added Freds revised lobby. Moved the Tooltip.
* Fixed the lobby
* Fixed an raise isssue and a call in problem.
* Fixed an all in error
* Added Failsafe. Fixed 9 billion hands left.
* Fixed the calling staying over to the next turn.
* Fixed score adjust not working all the time.
* Changed chips pic width from 85 to 100.

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