Zynga Poker Freeze Hack 1 $

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Zynga Poker Freeze Hack 1 $

First Open Zynga Poker Freeze Engine
2. Open Zynga Cheat Table in folder you extract Zynga Engine
3. Follow the Instructions to freeze and node
4. Login in our account and search 9 table
5. Freeze.

Credit to Kozlov Dimiter, Phalx, crew Haxors etc

Download Link :



Note :
Only Works on Zynga Poker Yahoo at  http://apps.yahoo.com/-9BCLht42 Facebook does not work anymore

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Anonymous mengatakan...

hi.. i need chips but i play in FaceBook
u can sent chips to me in facebook
my name Usanee Aiiw
u add me to friend o.k.

Anonymous mengatakan...

nice work tnaks

Anonymous mengatakan...

izin sedot ya agan2 permisi

john mengatakan...

numpang sedot ya gan xixixixixixixi

boy mengatakan...

owh work on yahoo thanks

[ACF]Admin mengatakan...

tutorialnya ada nggak gan

Anonymous mengatakan...

how to Instructions to freeze and node??

gabriel mengatakan...

just finished step 5 in tutorial...step 6 really confusing me cause my english is bad so i can't understand...do you have the tutorial video?

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