Transfer tanpa Banned dari Zynga Poker

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Transferring chip using this tool will avoid you from Banned Zynga Poker and your account is free to conduct transactions poker chips as much as you want without limits.

This tool is in the reserved only for our VIP members at Zynga Poker Forum

Not for commercial use or distributed to other users. If we see any users who try to give away then we will delete their membership.

This tool will protect your account when doing transactions chip.

    How to Use:

    1. Open This Tool
    2. Wait for the checking process is complete the server
    3. Inject the server with you Account Name
    4. Your account will be protected for 1 hours or 3600 seconds
    5. If the protection period had expired. You must re-inject the server
    6. Please note: Do not close this tool before you finish all transactions. Zynga servr will detect you if you close this tool
    7. After all the transfers after the chip please close this tool and enjoy playing Zynga Poker safely without Banned or DOH. Congratulations to play and enjoy

Download Link :
Zynga Poker Safe Transfer Chip Without Banned Ver 3.0.5

Video :

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